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Detroit Teen Challenge

17667 Pierson Street, Detroit, MI 48219

Phone: 313-531-0111 | Fax: 313-531-8320

Flint Teen Challenge

1230 Dupont St., Flint, MI 48504

Phone: 810-424-9039


Hope, Healing And Help Through Jesus Christ

Life Challenge Ministries has an enduring commitment to support equality by affirming the value of diversity and by promoting an environment free from discrimination. No person shall be denied admission or employment on the basis of any legally prohibited discrimination involving, but not limited to, such factors as race, color national origin, gender, age or disability.

The following could be disqualifying factors for admission: Individuals who have records of Criminal Sexual Conduct (CSC) .* Individuals with legal restraints that cannot be resolved in advance by our Admissions Office and which would preclude them from participating in the program. Individuals with medical problems that require excessive time away from our residential program.

Please Note: All medications used to treat depression, anxiety, pain and sleep disorders or other psychological problems are carefully screened at Life Challenge Ministries. Please consult your doctor before considering entry.

Disclaimer: Life Challenge Ministries reserves the right to prohibit entrance to individuals taking certain medications. Also Note: All residents accepted into Life Challenge must have (TB) tuberculosis, HIV and Hepatitis tests administered. RESULTS of those tests must be submitted on the day of entry. Women who enter Life Challenge will also need a Pregnancy and STD test.

*Our Flint campus for men may be able to accommodate certain CSC records or medications.

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